The new TAW campaign starts on 28.07 at about 10:00 UTC.

Because of the summer time and holidays there aren't many changes. I decided to have a break (for the first time) from developing/improving/fixing etc. between campaigns.


20 hours time penalty when counter "Lives on Map" drop below 0. It was 24h before. (info: when this counter drops below 0 then it's automatically increased by 1)
The enemy airfield is closed if attacking tank convoy is about 25km from it. It's still 15km for border airfields.

Registration is open.

Good luck!

Server settings:
* No object icons

* No navigation icons

* No kill notification

* No weapon locks

* No coalition balancer

* Death penalty 5min

*Mission duration ~2hours



To reduce number of “suicidal” sorties :

there are 3 lives for each map (there are 8 maps in total during the campaign). If pilot dies, captured or disco his live counter is reduced by:

1 when he is in bigger team
X when he is in smaller team where X = #smaller_team/#bigger_team. Example: Axis players: 28, Allied players: 20 so X for Allied is 20/28 = 0.71.
Every time “Lives on map” counter (shown in pilots hangar) <= 0 then pilot has 24 hours time penalty. After this penalty counter is increased by 1 so he may fly again.

Improved “balancer” algorithm. Number of pilots on one side depends on number of pilots on the other side. In general the ratio shouldn’t be bigger than 40%. Example: one team has 20 players so the other may have 20*140% = 28. For small number of players (below 10) the limit for other side is about 10. Max number of players for each side is 45 as before.

Queue system: after spawning on the airfield pilot is moved to:
Active list if there are free slots for that side (no over limit message). Pilot is clear to take off.
Waiting queue if there aren’t any free slots (over limit message). Pilot is not clear to take off and have to wait. He gets his position in the queue on the chat and must return to the briefing. As soon as there is free slot on that side pilot is automatically moved to the Active list and he is clear to take off (message on the chat). You can check your actual position in the queue by spawning on the airfield again.