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Oggi patch 1.029b disponibile
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 24, 2013 5:06 pm    Post subject: Oggi patch 1.029b disponibile Reply with quote

Scritto da Veltro:

Questa patch non è stato solo un semplice hotfix.

E' stato finalmente individuato il problema dell'algoritmo del vento grazie ad un bug nell'anemometro. In sostanza adesso dovremmo avere il vento laterale corretto (crosswind), e senza più quindi l'effetto del rollio sull'aeroplano che ne vanificava gli effetti. Questo renderà ancor più preciso e incisivo l'effetto della velocità del vento sull'aeroplano.

Sistemate anche le ali che sono diventate più robuste. Qui hanno ammesso di aver commesso un errore grossolano, peraltro aggravato dall'aumento del rateo di fuoco delle MG.

Change list of version 1.029b

1. Sound disappearing (without restoring) issue fixed.
2. Headwind and backwind flying air speed difference was removed (due to propeller vortex fix).
3. Plane tendency to turn aside of wind in level flight was removed (due to propeller vortex fix).
4. Plane behavior on take-off and landing with side-wind was corrected (due to propeller vortex fix).

5. Felixstowe now is sinking faster when damaged
6. Felixstowe waterline rising after land issue was fixed
7. Felixstowe engines now are sinking fast
8. Felixstowe "only photo" payload now provides camera in nose gunner's cockpit correctly
9. BW12 floats frame durability was adjusted
10. Engine now is damaging gradually when is flooded
11. Force feedback effect on water takeoff / land was improved
12. Hydroplanes drifting on water on slow speed was tuned
13. Propeller durability in collisions with ground/water was adjusted (now it's not "glass" and not "concrete")
14. High-speed collisions with water are not providing physics anomalies anymore
15. Water splashes were added to all plane debris
16. German anemometer now shows TAS as it should, not ground speed.
17. Durability of the damaged multi-wing spatial structure was restored.

Blog 1.029b:

Sul sound bug:

Dear Pilots,

We are pleased to introduce version 1.029b - a set of fixes to previous versions. We have tried very hard to make it available to you as soon as possible which would fix those issues that prevents you from enjoying ROF to the fullest. Of course we are talking about the issue with the sound.

This was a difficult issue to fix, the symptoms of which appeared earlier this year and with the release of a major new update those symptoms became literally disastrous. The problem was that this error comes to us from another program called Fmod. This is a complex bit of middleware, which is the basis of the whole sound scheme in our project and was not created by us. As you can imagine, it is difficult to correct the problem because the cause of which is hidden in other intellectual property. But we think that we have solved the issue.

Flight simulators are very complex products. To make the sound of each aircraft engine informative and unique, we use thousands of samples of small audio files, which is switched on and off at high speed and frequency. Imagine how complicated this gets when dogfighting on a network and around you there are dozens of other aircraft and packets coming across through the whole world to your little PC that contain sounds. This is a very high bar for us to make work correctly every time and is not easy to reach and stay on this level of sophistication without occasional difficulty. Now we hope that the problem will disappear and you can stop thinking about the thousands of operations per second that are taking place on your PC and just focus on the mission and marksmanship.


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