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PostPosted: Wed Sep 23, 2020 1:08 pm    Post subject: BATTLE OF BRITAIN 1940 - CLOD Reply with quote

Cipson wrote:
WINGS OF ITALY annuncia un'altra grande iniziativa.
Grazie al minuzioso lavoro di Walty, abbiamo a disposizione la ricostruzione storica delle prime fasi della leggendaria Battaglia di Inghilterra.
Una full immersion nella Storia che ci darĂ  un idea delle emozioni provate dai piloti che vissero realmente quelle drammatiche ore.
Presto in linea sul Server ITA


FOTO Dornier_Do_17_Alone.jpg

July 10th 1940 10:30hrs
From July 10th to August 7th 1940

The bulk of attacks were in the south where the Luftwaffe went on probing attacks on British shipping in the English Channel and in the outer Thames Estuary. Smaller raids, and a number of German reconnaissance aircraft were spotted along the east coast while other nuisance raids took place in the north.
Most of these attacks in the Channel were on the merchant convoys conveying much needed coal, raw materials, machinery and foodstuffs to Britain. By sinking these merchant ships Germany would deny the British people of the various commodities required just for their sheer existence.
But at the same time, by attacking these channel convoys, it was hoped that it would draw out the British fighters from their bases.
This way the Luftwaffe could analyze the strength of the RAF, determine the speed and efficiency that the RAF could deploy its squadrons, in other words, Germany was testing the efficiency and strength of the Royal Air Force and it was hoped that the Luftwaffe would destroy the RAF in the air.
Spasmodic bombing raids continued throughout this first phase on such places as Portsmouth, Falmouth, Swansea, Newcastle and Merseyside, but these raids were not consistent like the channel convoy raids.

WEDNESDAY JULY 10th 1940 - 10:30hrs


The weather reported heavy cloud at 9/10ths covering most of Britain. Rain was widespread over most of the west, the midlands and the north. Showers were prevalent over the south and the south-east and over the Channel.
At 08:15hrs AM no. 3 Spitfires from 66 Squadron based at Coltishall flown by P/O C.A.Cooke, P/O J.A.P.Studd and Sgt F.N.Robertson shot down ashore between Yarmouth and Harwich an enemy lone Dornier 17z of Kampfgeschwader 3 (KG3) on a recon mission probabaly to rescue a ship’s convoy codenamed BREAD sailing from the Thames estuary towards the Channel.
Around 10:30hrs AM, the weather was still inclement, with shallow visibility and another Dornier of 4.(F)/121 on recon flight but this time with an escort of about 20+ Bf109s of I/JG 51 was picked up on both Dover CH and Foreness CHL radar stations.
Meanwhile BREAD convoy was rounding the North Foreland, heading South West.
Six Spitfires of No. 74 Squadron based at Hornchurch were directed to the location where the enemy had been spotted. The Dornier spotted the convoy and the German radio operator dispatched a message giving the location of the convoy, size and its present course. The 6 Spitfires of 74 Squadron located the Dornier along with the Bf109s escort and headed to shoot down the slower bomber first.
Meanwhile the highly maneuverable 109s turned and got the Spitfires in their sights attacking them.
Two of the Spitfires were hit, but not bad enough to put them right out of action.
As they approached firing range the Dornier opened fire too. Immediately the front cockpit of the bomber exploded in smoke and flame, there would have been little chance of survival of the pilot and any other member who was with him.
While the Dornier went down low the Spitfires weaved and turned to engage combat with the Messerschmitt escort.
The two Spitfires that were hit were forced to return to Hornchurch while the other four continue to fight damaging only one Bf109.
The enemy was reinforced by another group of about 12 aircraft later just as the Spitfires of 610 Squadron, (Gravesend) arrived and the remaining four Spitfires of 74 Squadron returned back to base. 610 Squadron scored no 'kills' but managed to stop the 109s and they headed back towards the French coast.
In this combat, 74 Squadron Hornchurch had two of its Spitfires damaged during operations over the Channel while one Spitfire of 610 Squadron had to make a force landing at Hawkinge after being hit during the same combat.

Courtesy: and


At 10:30AM radar spotted a multiple and big formation of contacts coming from SOUTH-EAST approaching Thames estuary.
Our important convoy of supplies directed to Dover could have been detected by the previous German recon.
Don't let Germans have the possibility to locate or bomb it.

Hornchurch 74° Sqn. Spitfires scramble! (6 planes availables)
Course heading: 100°-120° - 15 Angels
Intercept area: Ashore Manston

An AI flight of 12 Spitfires from 610° Sqn. Gravesend have been scrambled to reach you in 5 minutes,
CH radar spotted another formation a bit after the first big group.

Eccoci! Mercoledì 23/09/2020 PRIMA TEST MISSION

happy clap


"The Italians", are coming!
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