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PostPosted: Mon Apr 27, 2015 2:05 pm    Post subject: CLOD AGGIORNAMENTO TEAM FUSION 27 4 2015 Reply with quote


Riporto da ATAG:

Team Fusion Update April 27th 2015 - A little bit of everything

Okay, well as the title suggests, this weeks video update shows a few of the features TF are working on. I could list everything in the video....but the video


Okay, so now you've watched the video, we were as surprised as you when the Millennium Falcon popped up...but hey, plan for the future, that's what TF say!

Alright, calm down, that's why I said watch the video and you'll know the above comment was mischievous.....or was it?

Please note that there is work being done on the Luftwaffe soundbanks, it's just that they are still WiP and I'd rather do create a video once we have lots to show

The next update will be a few weeks away so hopefully the amount of content in the video will be enough to keep the community talking for a while. Steadily the sum of all parts are coming together and while testing the mods (and creating them) is sometimes a real pain.....blimey it's cool to see some of the stuff our guys are creating behind the scenes

As always I'd like to say thanks to Artist for his work on the Bugtracker, news of which he has compiled here:

From the Team Fusion Bugtracker

The bugtracker ( keeps accumulating data: Since the last published update on March, 27th, 17 new users brought the total up to 879 registered users of which 89 have been active since then. We currently have 181 open issues (127 bugs and 54 feature requests). 2 have already been resolved with patch 4.312 and 21 are currently in progress to be fixed or implemented.

6 new issues have been raised since the last update, among them are (no judgment implied):

Reported Bug #746: "MG-15 gunner reload time" (New)
Reported Bug #745: "Bf 110 Rear Machine Gunner possible Bug" (New)
Reported Bug #744: "Calculation for density of the atmosphere decrease with altitude is incorrect" (Confirmed)
Reported Bug #743: "Neg. G cutout of planes with carburator" (New)
Reported Bug #742: "Bf 109 cooling system" (New)
Reported Bug #741: "Fiat G50 pilot movements " (New)

The issues with the highest (summary) vote currently are:

52: #725: "BF 110 Airspeed" (New)
47: #581: "RAF fighter engines incorrectly start cold in Multiplayer" (New)
41: #614: "Large cloud formations do not appear in replay of track (.TRK) files" (New)
39: #498: "Bf 109: Prop Pitch Inverted" (New)
36: #690: "Bf 109: The Half Armor Plate in upcoming 109 Variants" (New)

There are a number of issues set on "Feedback". We kindly ask the authors to respond:

#489: "All Static Objects should have a destroyed model
#604: "Blenheim: fuel cocks incorrectly labeled
#669: "Bf 110: Navigational Lights
#670: "Bf 110: Landing Lights
#707: "Map near Folkestone
#716: "Texture
#718: "Ju-88: Sight cannot be moved to the left and to right
#731: "BR-20 bomb aimer CTD
#732: "Fiat BR-20 bomb aimind device can only be set to 2.700 meters
#733: "Hurricane Mk I Rotol 100: Course setter

We invite all pilots to participate in the bugtracker either by reporting bugs, requesting features, and/or vote on issues. But before you do anything, please read the guidelines and FAQ here:

Now, it's always important for us to mention that this is a community based project. All members of TF are just 'normal' Flight-Sim enthusiasts like yourself and from that community we are always on the lookout for new members to join our team especially those of you with the ability to work with 3D modelling software.

Please check out this link if you think you may be able to help with creating new objects for Mission Builders and Pilots to build with (and destroy!):

Don't forget that we have a Facebook page and you may just see some exclusive pictures over there, so if you have a Facebook account, why not 'Like' our page and check in to see some more Team Fusion exclusives (even Oleg Maddox has liked our page!)

Finally I'd like to bring to the communities attention the following.

Chuck_Owl has created a great User Guide for Cliffs of Dover and it really is worth a visit no-matter if you are a beginner or an experienced pilot. It can be found here:

So there you go chaps. See you next time, cheers, MP/TF

"The Italians", are coming!
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