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SoW - Conferenza Teamspeak Domenica 31/5
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PostPosted: Thu May 28, 2015 8:54 am    Post subject: SoW - Conferenza Teamspeak Domenica 31/5 Reply with quote

Domenica alle 20:00 ci sarĂ  una conferenza su TS per discutere degli argomenti indicati qui:

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 03, 2015 4:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Riporto dal Sito di SOW

[quote="Admin (Reddog)"]Hi all SoW Pilots!

Rather than go through the TS meeting in the order in which we discussed things (which as was inevitable did wind it’s way about just a little bit icon_smile ) I’m setting out here the things I believe that were agreed during the meeting, and laying out the foundation of the changes which will be coming in the next few weeks/months. If there is an item that isn’t mentioned here please let me know and we can discuss it further. I’ve tried to avoid naming names, and quoting people in case it made it accusatory. If I’ve got a Point of View incorrect or misunderstood something, then please let me know so I can correct this post. Apologies in advance for the somewhat wordy report. It might have been better just to record the meeting and post an mp3 of it. 

There was a discussion and suggestion that the server remain running normal rotation maps and retain the Persistent Mission only for scheduled events. The suggestion extended as far as to remove the aircraft limits, recon etc from persisting outside the Persistent Mission. The SoW admin have talked this through, and on balance have decided that we will continue to pursue the original aim of a persistent map running 24/7. This is not to devalue the suggestion but our feeling is that if we did go down that road we would a) increase the admin required, b) require significant changes to the server code, c) events would continue to exclude large portions of the community due to time zones and the server player limit and d) offer an inconsistent and fragmented approach to our player base. We felt it would be a retrograde step and would go against what we initially set out to do, to say nothing of essentially replicating other server environments of which the community can already avail itself of as and when they want to.

Taking this on board, we recognise that the aircraft supply situation is still not perfect and we are working to try to balance the playability of having limited airframes with also ensuring that players will still be able to take part when they want to. One suggestion was to always have 87 Octane aircraft available to players on the RAF side (and presumably some marques of LW aircraft) However, I don’t think that this will improve the user experience in the long run. It’s important that we foster unit cooperation and the ability to lend aircraft between squadrons etc in times of need. This forms an important part of the meta-game that we’re trying to develop. Other suggestions revolved around having a set number of aircraft per squadron “member”, but that was shown to be unworkable due to the ease with which the large squadron’s would be able to pool aircraft v’s the number of slots they’d actually use at any one time. Again, I’m keen to let the existing mechanics be fleshed out with supply being tied in part to the existence & status of certain objectives (Aircraft factories for the RAF) and for us to try to balance the supply situation better before we write it off as non-working. One suggestion of tying LW supply to bomber survival was contentious and not really supported by some of the LW players although I can’t remember why. Another option would be to make “fake” aircraft factories in France which the RAF could bomb, but that was felt to be ahistorical and not within the general aim of refighting and experiencing the Battle of Britain.

The discussion at the meeting centred mostly on how we deal with damaged aircraft and those that don’t return to their home base. There was a view expressed that the RAF are able to land anywhere and respawn in order to engage the same aircraft multiple times. This was talked about a month or so back on the forum and the general consensus was that this actually wasn’t happening/wasn’t possible in a lot of cases but it came up again on Sunday. We outlined a number of options about damage and repair times. One of the options was to blanket time delay all repair aircraft, with suggested times ranging from 15minutes to 24hrs. However, the code that is currently in place is capable of assigning different repair times to different levels/categories of damage. SoW have decided to continue with this detailed breakdown of damage, and the current time delays. These will be subject to review and possible change but range from 1hr for minor/cosmetic damage to 24hrs for Engine damage. In addition, the feeling was that damaged aircraft landed at a friendly base should not be lost to the owning squadron. In order to keep this simple from a code perspective and a player point of view, we agreed that subject to a suitable additional time penalty, damaged aircraft would be “auto-returned” to your airfield’s stocks once repaired. The suggested time delay will be an additional 2hrs. All of these repair times can be revised once we have tested them out. If more aircraft are available in general then this detail will probably not bite too hard. If we have the aircraft supply balance wrong, then we will end up with a problem.

During the conversation about aircraft supply and repairs, it was suggested that a time lock be applied, to prevent people immediately respawning. SoW Admin again feel that this is too restrictive and exclusive and that the aircraft supply situation should dictate who can and will fly. It also reduces the server load with people leaving and joining repeatedly to see if their time lock is expired, as well as requiring extensive new code to achieve.

Recon was also discussed to some degree early on in the meeting, and although I didn’t hear anyone say they thought it didn’t work, there was a feeling that the two pictures allowed were not sufficient. Pro’s and con’s were discussed for making it easier, or allowing more photo’s. in the end the decision and agreement was to increase the number of photo’s to 4, but to leave the detection distance at 1000m. This can be reviewed later and reduced again if required.

The use of AI was discussed and I explained the ultimate aim was for the LW team (and RAF to a limited scope) to be able to interact with the AI in order to allocate specific units, schedule, route plan and so on. This was generally agreed to be a good thing, although there was some debate as to whether AI should be able to attack other targets than the active target. This led on to a discussion about the “one target” mechanic and the point was made that after the first attack on a target, further attempts were generally suicide as the RAF knew where the LW were heading. One suggestion was that all airfields be made valid secondary targets in the same way as RDF sites, but this was felt might tip the balance back to lone wolf style bombing. Another suggestion was that after the first target is hit, a second target be made valid AS WELL, which would be active for the bombers who RTB and can sortie again. This in turn would enable a 3rd target etc. This is the solution that the SoW Admin prefer and the one I will be coding. However, in light of the decision to go with the persistent map 24/7, the mechanics of target selection will need to be looked at again. It was not decided whether or not the LW team should be able to select the initial targets all the time, or should have to earn that right via some points mechanic. The downside to such a mechanic would be the complete lack of planning time prior to an event. There would be no guarantee that the target wouldn’t come up earlier by random coincidence, or that a server crash/mission restart put the queue out of sync. There will be a way around this, we just need to work out what it is. In general both sides after some talking agreed that there should be some sort of campaign performance measure, be it an “invasion readiness meter” or something else whereby relative success/failure can be measured and a definitive end state be seen. One person pointed out that the LW lost in real life so if we’re after historical accuracy we already know the result. icon_smile

While discussing AI I touched on the intention to allow AI to fly resupply missions for squadrons, input and logged via the interface. Some felt this was a good idea, others stated they would never use such a feature.

The subject of jabo 109’s was introduced and I agreed to including them into the campaign system in limited numbers and very low resupply rate, provided that they were not abused. By this I mean that they should be used for the purpose of jabo attacks, not just used because they have a better engine than the equivalent standard marques of 109.

With over 30 people in the channel the meeting didn’t really get round to discussing a reset, except to say that the campaign (Aircraft numbers, recon, objective status) should probably be reset once we’ve got things working. It was agreed that the objective destruction detection work done last week needs testing, and that a test would be done ASAP to determine how that worked in practice. Whether stats should be reset or not was not really discussed and should be covered via the forum I think.

I think that’s about it. I’d like to thank those who did attend and give their time and opinions. The meeting was a fantastic example in my mind of the cooperative mentality that the squads and individuals that make up the SoW Community exhibit.

It might have been better just to record the meeting and post an mp3 of it.

To be honest I did exactly that. Uploading it now.

Should be avaible in half an hour or so. Just follow the link or use "Save Target as". p3

roughly 3:30 Hours of Talking wink 2 was quite exhausted afterwards. Please excuse my loud typing and voice, seems like OBS boosted my mic a bit to much.

"The Italians", are coming!
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